Milford LBN Member Highlight: Joshua Lawrence

Joshua Lawrence

Joshua Lawrence,
Beka Management

Joshua Lawrence, a local area resident, is the Director of Properties and Business Development at Beka Management. What sets Beka Management apart is that they focus soley on leasing and managing residential property. Beka Management has been in business since 1978 and oversees over 700 tenants.

As an owner of multiple rental units, Joshua has experience in careful tenant selection and tenant relations. His success can be attributed to effective communication skills and integrity. Joshua is continually looking for ways to grow Beka Managements residential rental property portfolio through networking and educational opportunities.

You may reach Joshua at:
Beka Management
PO Box 552
Walled Lake, MI 48190

Phone: 248-363-0999

This article was published on: March 17, 2015 and was last modified March 17, 2015