Send Out Cards Larry Betzler Showcased

Larry Betzler

Larry Betzler, Send Out Cards

This past Thursday, Milford LBN took time to highlight the business of one of their members, Larry Betzler of Send Out Cards. Larry explained the two arms of his business, the retail  business and the distributor business.

The retail business allows individuals and business owners access to over 17,000 greeting cards that can be purchased, customized, and sent online. In today’s fast paced life, we often put off the small but important tasks, such as letting individuals know what they mean to us and our business. Well, with just a few clicks of the mouse button, Send Out Cards gets your message delivered; making it a key customer retention tool.

The distributor business of Send Out Cards allows individuals to supplement their income or make a career out of selling cards. Want to make some extra money and do it at your own pace? Give Larry a call to find out more about this great opportunity!

– Greg Suzio, Chapter President


This article was published on: May 10, 2012 and was last modified May 10, 2012