The Facebook Challenge

Please support fellow members and “Like” each page. For individual posts, please like, share and comment.

By supporting each member’s Facebook page on a regular basis by clicking the “share” button on posts, the post will appear on your personal Facebook wall and you will actually be networking virally! You may like to include a comment with your “share”. For example, if one member is running a special sale, you could include something similar to:

“My friend, Pat, is running a huge sale… Anyone in the southeast Michigan area looking to replace their carpet… please check this out.”

Chapter and Member Facebook Pages

The FB Challenge:

Please “Like” each page above before the next meeting.
Then, select a post on the wall and individually “Like”, “Comment” and “Share”
on at least one post per member.

Where to “Like” a page:

Where to Like a page on Facebook

Locate a post on the page to
Like, comment and share the individual post:

Where to Like, Comment and Share on a post

This article was published on: April 9, 2012 and was last modified April 10, 2012