Milford LBN Showcases Milford Attorney & Milford Salon

The Milford Local Business Network had another strong showing last Thursday, passing a total of 41 referrals to one another. The group took time this week to showcase the businesses of two of its members, Rich O’Brien of the Law Offices of Rich O’Brien, and Denise Kennedy owner of total dimension, The AVEDA™ Concept Salon of Milford.

Rich O'Brien

Rich O'Brien, Attorney, Law Offices of Rich O’Brien, PLLC

Rich O’Brien operates his law office out of downtown Milford, and has been practicing law for 20+ years. His practice specializes in 3 areas: Estate Planning, Small Businesses, and Residential Real Estate. Rich took the time to educate the group on the basics of estate planning: who needs a trust, what is probate, how do you avoid probate, etc. Based on the number of questions from the group it was abundantly clear that his services are in strong demand today.

Denise Kennedy

Denise Kennedy, total dimension

Denise Kennedy is the owner total dimension hair salon, an AVEDA™ Concept Salon, located in the Kroger shopping center down town. Denise explained that what really sets them apart from the competition is the quality of service and products. It is standard practice for them to give a shampoo and head/neck massage with every hair cut. Their AVEDA™ products are all natural, as to minimize damage to your hair and the environment. All of her staff is extensively trained, and can service the needs of a wide range of hair styles.

Looking to grow your business? Come visit our business network, we meet the 1st and 3rd Thursdays of the month, 7:45 AM, at the Milford Presbyterian Church, located in downtown Milford at Main and E. Liberty.

~ Greg Suzio, Chapter President

This article was published on: April 24, 2012 and was last modified April 24, 2012