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R & R Web Design LLC

R & R Web Design LLC

Michigan web design company, R & R Web Design LLC, was featured at the April 5th LBN meeting in Milford, Michigan. Robin Strohmaier, lead web design and owner, presented “Why Should I use Facebook for My Small Business?” during the five-minute presentation.

Using graphical illustrations, Robin explained the relatively easy way for members to support one another by “Liking” each other’s Facebook pages.  She also shared how members can support one another by clicking the “Like”, “Comment” and “Share” links on each other’s Facebook posts.

The Facebook Challenge

To encourage members to support one another virally, Robin initiated “The Facebook Challenge”.  Each member was given an outline of the chapter members that have business Facebook page URLs to assist with utilizing the power of referral marketing with Facebook.

What is R & R Web Design LLC’s biggest ask?

Robin’s biggest ask is for members to listen for anyone who may be interested in a new or redesigned website, social media marketing or website marketing in general.  To learn more about R & R Web Design LLC, please visit www.r-rwebdesign.com or their Facebook page at:  www.facebook.com/RRWebDesignLLC.

R & R Web Design’s Referral Rewards

For twelve years, R & R Web Design LLC has extended their gratitude to those people who have referred their web design services to other parties.  They recognize that “word of mouth” recommendations are one of the highest compliments a company can receive.

R & R Web Design’s Referral Program has been designed to “thank you” for your confidence in the company’s abilities. When you recommend their services to a prospective client and your recommendation results in a new or redesigned website, they will provide you, the referrer, with a $50.00 cash referral rewards.

This article was published on: April 12, 2012 and was last modified April 26, 2016