Karen Mills, Health Coach – The Whole U Wellness, LLC

Karen Mills, The Whole U Wellness, LLCKaren Mills, Health Coach with The Whole U Wellness, LLC in Miford, Michigan shared a compelling five minute presentation at last Thursday’s meeting. Do you know why it is important to maintain a healthy digestion system?

What is Digestion?
Disgestion, by definition is the process by which gastrointestinal system retrieves important nutrients for the body and chemically changes the unused food into waste.

Digestion starts in the mouth, breaks down in the Stomach, with the help from hydrochloric acid. Proceeds to the small intestine, further being broken down from enzymes being released from the pancreas, liver and gallbladder. It is here, in the small intestine, where all nutrients and vitamins are absorbed. Prior to entering the rectum, chyme, the remains of what is left of the food you ate, travels through 20 feet of small intestine and passes through the large intestine.

It is important to maintain a healthy digestion system. Why? Because this is the heart, so to speak of our immune system. Keep your body running healthy with Shaklee’s awesome product EZ-GEST.

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This article was published on: April 9, 2012 and was last modified April 9, 2012